About Us

Company Profile

  • SRMI is a 100% Filipino owned corporation.
  • Majority stockholders are members of the Gutierrez family represented by the President, Mr. Miguel “Mico” Gutierrez
  • The Gutierrez family has been in the construction, equipment and earth moving for over 30 years
  • Diversified into mining 5 years ago with its acquisition of the Nickel mine in Tubay.


Create wealth through responsible and modern method of developing mineral resources where biodiversity, environment, and human health are protected;

Improve the economic conditions of host barangays by providing relevant infrastructure projects and community-based, participatory, and culturally perceptive livelihood programs;

Develop research-based approaches to achieve the highest standards of responsible mining and adapt new technologies for efficient and productive development of mineral resources.


SRMI envisions to become one of the leading mining companies in the country recognized for responsible mining where biodiversity, environment, and human health are protected in realizing economic targets.
To be a model of best mining practices, compliant with the national and global standards, is the ultimate goal of the Company.

Basis of SRMI’s Existence

  • Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) No. 261-2008-XIII, valid till year 2033
  • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) No. 0611-013-2140, valid till year 2032

Corporate Social Responsibility Principle

SRMI strongly considers the Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of the project in all the phases and aspects of its operations and decision making.

SR Tubay – Location and Background

SR METALS, INC. was founded in 2005, and ventured into the mining business with the goal of helping the country achieve economic growth by responsibly developing available mineral resources.

Our flagship venture is the Nickel Mining project in Tubay, Agusan del Norte, Philippines which has about 30 million tons of ore reserve. It is a showcase to the global mining best practices and state-of-the-art mining operations.


SR Metals Inc. was founded in 2005. A wholly Filipino owned company, we ventured into this business with the goal of helping our country achieve economic growth by responsibly developing mineral resources. Backed by a solid foundation in equipment handling and operations management, SR Metals strives to deliver world-class operations and services anchored on efficiency, safety, responsibility and quality.

Our flagship venture is the Tubay Nickle Mining Project located in Agusan Del Norte, Philippines. Standing on one of the richest deposits of Nickle Ore in the world, it is now a showcase to best global mining practices and state-of-the-art mining operations.

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